Benefits of Keratin Treatments

Benefits Of Keratin Treatments

The health of our hair reflects the lifestyle we have, so as we love Attractive,  Shiny Hair it is essential to take care of our hair especially in these hot summer days we are experiencing.  Lets be clear to understand that keratin is protein which is what hair is made of.  Keratin treatments strengthen the hair bonds which also closes the cuticle of the hair locking in the moisture, which we loose in the high humidity, and sun shine we experience this time of year.  I have listed some facts and benefits you will experience with a Keratin Treatment for your hair……

  1. Protects from High Humidity
  2. Protects your color, helping it to last longer
  3. Adds shine to dull hair, and body to limp lifeless hair
  4. Adds nutrients to the hair by adding amino acids that are lost in time
  5. Keratin will reshape the dull hair recreating the texture and form
  6. Decreases your styling time and eliminates tangles

We use all natural, organic keratin smoothing products that will improve the health and structure of your hair, eliminating some time in styling your hair, and protecting from damage, also ask your stylist about a maintenance program to use at home to keep those locks looking luxurious like Beyonce’ hair, Thanks for tuning in to read.